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Thank you for explaining things so clearly and i feel that this time you seem even more positive about the outcome :) I will be patient as I am not in a hurry, Take care xx
Jun 12 2014

last prediction came to pass a day after the time frame she gave me, so i consider that to be pretty accurate. wish i had more time. will def be back for updates
Feb 20 2018

I enjoyed our chat and your insights into my situation.. you always pick up things so fast and the details you give seem to flow, thanks so much xx
Jul 03 2014

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I work with the tarot and with my guides. I look into your situation to find the right path for you. So if you are feeling negative, if you have lost control or have low energy or if your job does not fulfil you, talk to me today for advice and for a more positive outlook for the future. Ask me anything and I will try to find the right solution for your worries or your fears. I will look forward to hearing from you soon.

I tell you what I see, so if you do not like the truth then please do not leave negative feedback due to not liking what you hear, thank you. 

Best wishes, Stephanie Lee

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