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May 16 2017

Oct 14 2014

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Accuracy is my top priority! I read Lenormand, Mahjong, tarot and can advise re your personality via numerology and your birth chart. I tell it as it is, and give hope.

About Me


Lenormand (since 2014) has quickly become my favorite oracle due to its stunning accuracy and its shrewness. Currently, I do a 5-card spread, a 9-card (3x3) spread, an 11-card enhanced spread, an 11-card Celtic Cross and the Grand Tableau (all cards) - all available in my shop here. Online with you, I will automatically do the 11-card enhanced spread as that has become my most reliable reading. I am also currently experimenting with a 12-card Pairs spread to look at your relationship. So far, it has looked very promising, though I'm still working out a couple of minor details. As such, it will be available at a reduced price until I'm confident it is as accurate as my other spreads. 

Mahjong (since about 2008) is my second favorite. I have been very pleased with the accuracy of mahjong. It's particularly good at laying out your next year for you and answering the question when you are not sure what the question should be! In my shop, I offer a 5-tile cross spread as well as the traditional full 13-tile spread which really is hard to beat! Online with you, I will always do the 13-tile spread as it really is the best I can offer. (Sometimes, it even has bonus tiles!) 

Tarot - I finally have a deck that works well with me, the Spiral tarot. It chose me last time I was looking. I've brushed up on my techniques and tested it on willing guinea pigs on Facebook with really good results (though I still prefer Lenormand for a few reasons.)  Currently, I offer a 11-card version of the Celtic Cross as well as the 12-card Pairs spread that works so well in Lenormand. 

Numerology was my first foray into psychic learning. Again, it appeals to my highly-logical mind as we discover some things about your life, why your name works (or doesn't) for you - and what name changes might have done to you.

In the near future, I plan to finish learning runes, palmistry, face reading and start picking up a few more things like I-Ching.

One thing I've learned, though - it doesn't seem to matter what the tool is, choose what you like - the tool will speak for itself.


I returned to the Church in 2016 and have resolved my issues which previously made it difficult to return. As such, my readings will always be accompanied with prayer, and my cards are kept with a pendant of Mary and Jesus which was blessed by the late Pope John Paul II, now recognized as a saint. This will help keep my cards clean and clear. 


I am on Mountain Time in the USA. I'm an early bird, not a night owl, so I'm more likely to be online during the day rather than late in the evening, but I will work to be logged in whenever I'm online. 


Send me a question (chat or message) - and I will answer you. If you want a particular spread done - just ask - or buy directly through my shop. If you don't specify a particular reading, then I will opt for the 11-card Lenormand.

Oh, and if you like what I do for you, please rate me, give me feedback so that others know! (It will also encourage me to hang out here more!)


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