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I don’t think her pessimistic view is really accurate in my real life situation but I love how her answer is very clear, straight forward, and truthful. I feel her accuracy is about the same as everyone else I read with. I will use her again for some
Nov 01 2018

Truly an angel ,stands by her clients no matter wt & guides them correctly. Doesn't coat anything for her means. This is my 4/5 chat with her & she is good. Excellent in responding to messages as well. Appreciate it !! please please take her service
Jul 15 2019

She is not scared to tell me what she saw, and will never lie nor give false hope. She cared and reached out to me after sensing my pain. She clarified what my next moves should be. I am forever grateful and will be talking to her again soon!
Mar 08 2019

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Empowered 180000+ people worldwide with powerful insight.Know what S/HE thinks ABT YOU & RLNSHIP & their true feelings . Know how to BRING BACK THOSE HEAVENLY MOMENTS.

About Me

Positive Compassionate Accurate Psychic. Direct Insight. Details On Thoughts & Feelings


Angel belongs to the community of people with extrasensory perception who always use this extraordinary gift from God to help people transform their lives. She is always positive, compassionate and willing to help. People trust her more than their loved ones most of the time and it is her utmost priority to value their trust and take them out of the mess they are trapped in.

She has an extensive background in dealing with crisis situations and working with individuals going through extreme emotional turmoil. I am caring, compassionate, non-judgmental and most of all able to give you clarity on your future. 

I am a great listener and will allow you the time you need to express your feelings about your circumstances. Sometimes we really need to get it all out before we are ready to sit back, take a deep breath, and let someone guide us in a new direction or help us mend the path we are on.

I am also a realist. If you are in a path that is simply not going to work out for you I won’t spin you a fairy tale. You need to know what your real options are so you can make clear choices, positive decisions, and get on a path that is going to bring you true happiness.

I have the tools to help you through those difficult times and get you back on the path that is right for you. The path that will lead you to happiness we all deserve. My readings are accurate, precise and informative. I can reach to the depth of your soul and can answer all questions that come to your mind regarding love, relationships, finance, career, education, children and so on.

I speak clearly and directly. I don’t sit here spewing light and love. Although I look at things in the positive I understand some situations are causing you to feel nothing but negative. I am sympathetic to these situations. I can empathize with you and feel your pain with you and help you ease that by providing impacting solutions. 

I take an empathic and sensible approach. I do not read tarot or read palms. I don’t even characterize people by dates of birth. I tap directly into the thoughts, feelings, and emotions of those I read for and give you detailed descriptions of what drives and motivates them. 

How I conduct a session

When I read for you I will ask you a brief background on what is going on that have brought you to me today. I will ask for first names and date of births. Then you may ask your questions and we will begin.

I hope you will allow me to work with you on finding the reasons behind things that have happened, work toward mending the damage done, and looking forward to an empowered future!

- Love & Relationship
- Soulmate Connections
- Reuniting loved ones
- Breaking up & Divorce
- Cheating & affairs
- Single & Dating
- Same Sex Relationships
- Intimacy
- Career
- Family
- Past Life
- Clairvoyant
- Astrology
- Twin Flames
- Dream Interpretation
- Numerology
- Photo reading

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