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she picked up on the whole situation and a fast typist
Nov 23 2013

thank you and i hope what you told me would come ture
Jul 05 2014

Thanks again got cut off . Will keep u posted :)
Jul 26 2013

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Powerful insights into your love life and career or business. Prepare for the truth and to see how to have your best life!

About Me

For the past 40 years Cristina as given readings to thousands of people all over the world and from all walks of life. She continues her journey practicing and studying mysticism and the psychic arts. Being of service in the world is what she considers the most important mission for her in this lifetime. She seeks to discover the deepest truth of our being as incarnate souls; to understand our greatest potential as spiritual beings having human experiences. She sees all of life as an abundant opportunity to discover, realize, and express the Divine.

Cristina can give you the answers you seek in love, business, career and all relationships. Be prepared for the truth and for spiritual solutions to everyday problems.

Cristina is a gifted fifth generation psychic and best-selling writer and author of "Gypsy Wisdom and Ancient Magic for the Modern Witch." She is also a master Tarot Reader and has been reading cards for 40 years. She has diverse knowledge of religious studies including Christanity, Buddha, Islam, Judaism and Hindu and sees how they are all connected.


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