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He has ALWAYS been a quick typer, kind and spot on. I've never had any issues with him and don't know why others have recently. He is detailed and never rude (maybe other person heard something he or she didn't want to hear)...but truth hurts.
Nov 05 2017

As a reader myself (psychic), I can attest to his authenticity. He has real information, integrity and respect. Of all the readings I've ever had in my life, he is by far the best...
May 26 2017

Amazing. Quickly picked up on the other person. Let's see how things pan out. I appreciate your time and generous offer for first time chatters with you. Many blessings. Thank you.
Aug 25 2017

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All I do is for Your benefit. Answers to all your questions. 30 yrs of exp.. Be one step ahead of Your future, Your future depends on the choices you make today

About Me

With Tarot cards and I Ching, you can get answers to all Your questions, all life situations, areas. YES and NO questions are possible, with insight and explanation.

    Your astrological chart is Your karmic chart, this is psychological profile of person, what kind of experience soul is going to have in this life. What kind of influences from past lave are taken in this life. Family life, marriage, emotional and social life, perspective in work, children, marriage.

 Lessons of the soul in this life and karmic circumstances ( some info about past life is possible, not past life natal chart or past life location ) through which one must pass, and answers to all questions related to it.

Counseling related to family relationships, emotional relationships, business partnerships, and answers to all questions related to it.

Making comparative horoscopes for persons who are in a relationship or have problems in the same, and answers to all questions related to it.

Calculation of annual, monthly horoscope, answers to any specific questions if is needed, within the annual and monthly cycles, and answers to all questions related to it.     Calculation of days of pregnancy and common terms for delivery, determine the sex of the child, and answers to all questions related to it.

Calculation of the most optimal date for relocation sale purchase of immovable and movable property, and answers to all questions related to it.


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