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Hello. My name is Atalya. I'm a medium psychic with God gifted abilities. Guided by my 4 spirit guides, we are here to help others. We would be happy to talk to you!

About Me

I discovered my psychic abilities around age 18. It wasn't until age 21 when things became more activated. I wasn't sure how to accept my gifts but I have accepted them.

im a healer and use healing stones and reiki. I do not charge for these services. They are free upon request. I also can do healing meditations. All at your request. I do not sell spells! 

I'm not your average psychic. I'm realistic in my readings and honest but I'm not harsh. I'm non-judgemental and compassionate and willing to listen to what you have to say and I'm not above you as a human being. I'm human just like you! 

Also we are not gods! We may not be 100% accurate! Free will alters things and so do other choices! I'm not a psychic who can do timelines. 

I'm a clairstience, empath, claircogniant, clairvoyant, and clairaudient. My mediumship allows me to communicate with spirits and people have passed on.

im very positive! I'm also described as a sage by my friends since I'm intellectual and wonderful with advice. I love encouraging people and helping during rough times. 

Im in college studying to be a nurse. I'm not high enough on my nursing skills to give medical advice so I cannot provide it. 

If you are suicudal please call your nearest hotline or the national hotline for help. 

Im not here for the money. Although most of the proceeds will go to my student loans, other struggling college students, and charities! 

Please don't hesitate to email in emergencies or unpredictable situations. Everyone needs support. Think of me as your trusted ally and truthful friend. I'm here to help make your life better and give the best in your life! 

My guides and I look forward to helping uou! 


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