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Thank you. She was very fast in connecting and kind. I'll wait to see if the things will come to pass within the next 4 weeks and I will give an update was very happy with reading.
Oct 13 2018

Thank you so much Athena, I am so grateful for the reading and for the lovely messages you have given me. I will pray and stay strong. God bless you and thank you once again.
Aug 05 2017

Fast, didn't waste time or try to keep me longer for more money. Honest, straight and to the point and I like that! Accurate and good reading for sure, the real thing!
Aug 11 2017

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Wiccan for 7 years. 30 years of psychic reading experience! I am fast, detailed, genuine and accurate! Free credits for NEW clients ONLY!

About Me

NO refunds!

Please read my profile BEFORE contacting me.

Purchase from my store when I am NOT online!

Email reading prices are as follows:

ALL reading's- $20.00

You MUST pay me for any reading done, including email! Failure to pay will result in a block! There are no exceptions!

Basic Rules of Mine:

1. NO rudeness!

2. You MUST pay for any and all reading's!!! NOTHING is free!!

3. NO attacking me (this will get you blocked)!

4. NO bashing me (this will get you blocked)!

5. NO insulting me (this will get you blocked)!

6. Have RESPECT for me!

7. Absolutely NO calling me names or swearing at me (this will get you blocked)!

* If the rules are not followed, I will end all conversation and block. If this happens and you continue to contact me, I will report you*

Merry Meet! I am Athena Druid! I am a 30 year psychic medium and tarot reader. I have the gift of clairvoyancy ( to see spirits) as well as the gifts of clairsentiency (to feel or sense spirits) and clairaudiency ( to hear spirits). I can read horoscope, Chinese astrology and numerology. I can see aura's and what color they are (aura reading's are EMAIL ONLY because you will need to provide a picture of yourself). 

Being a medium, I can connect to spirits of passed on loved ones and I am able to receive messages from those spirits from the Spirit World. 

As a tarot reader, I am fast, honest and accurate. My reading's are also in-depth and I always make sure that my reading's are "deep", meaning I don't gloss over. I tell what the cards say word for word. I use the Rider-Waite tarot deck as well as the Angel Tarot deck and the Celtic Oracle deck.

I am also an energy reader. This means that I can feel energy. I generally do NOT need questions for these types of reading's.

I specialize in:





I am honest and straightforward. I do not sugarcoat or "fluff" anything. I tell it like it is.

I am a very spiritual person and take what I do very seriously.

I am a professional. An honest and caring person who cares about you and your feelings. I will tell you the truth and put your mind at ease.

My motto is: "You have questions, I got clarity!"


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