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I remember her predictions came true many times before but now its came true again. She said the latest is December of this year but I think it will take years from now or it’s never gonna happened. But it did happen within the timeframe she said.
Nov 10 2019

For her reading she deserves to keep her pricing higher, what I liked about her also is that she is not money minded even though she can charge if she wants too , like all of us work. Humanity comes way ahead that is her. I look forward to be in t
Apr 18 2020

Amazing reading. Makes totally sense, thank you for the insight. I will follow your advice and looking forward to seeing good results. Shes so kind. Fast typing. Connects fast with the situation. Responds every question. Definitely recommend her.
Jul 25 2020

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Are you wanting to know their true feelings and thoughts? Do you want to know what is to come in the future unknown? Is he or she a Narcissist or what is their true intentions

About Me


  1. Empath & Clairsentient - Able to communicate with animals and humans telepathically
  2. Reiki I & II of the Usui System -  2008 certification for Distance Healing and Color Healing with Universal Light Energy
  3. Reiki Master Teacher - 2018 certification 
  4. Mindfulness Coach - 2019 certification 
  5. Mental Health Awareness Advocate & Narcissist Abuse Survivor 


I am able to assist you in the Law of Attraction or also known as Law of Vibration. Manifest the BEST! Magic exists to only those who believe. Miracles are possible and happen everyday. Your belief is the strongest power you have. I can help you really see your power within and learn how to manipulate it so you can become the master of your own destiny. I specialize in LOVE and RELATIONSHIPS, but also offer readings on CAREER/FINANCE/MONEY and LIFE PATH. NO SUGAR COATING. STRAIGHTFORWARD BUT COMPASSIONATE READINGS. <3 NO TIME WASTING. FAST TYPIST!!!! 90+ WPM

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