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I remember her predictions came true many times before but now its came true again. She said the latest is December of this year but I think it will take years from now or it’s never gonna happened. But it did happen within the timeframe she said.
Nov 10 2019

She is quick in her reply and straight to the point that she did not go a row and keep making you ask more things that you don’t want to ask to earn money from you.even she gave me free credit when our call got drop really appreciate that
Aug 29 2019

She understands me so well. She remembers details about my issue even after more than a month. She guides me to help with my negative feelings. She is so calm and she speaks with utmost respect for what you are feeling.
Dec 01 2019

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Empath/Certified Mindfulness Coach/ Reiki Master Teacher/ Mental Health Awareness Advocate/ Clairvoyant & Tarot/ Law of Attraction/Law of Vibration/Fast Typist

About Me


  1. Empath & Clairsentient - Able to communicate with animals and humans telepathically
  2. Reiki I & II of the Usui System -  2008 certification for Distance Healing and Color Healing with Universal Light Energy
  3. Reiki Master Teacher - 2018 certification 
  4. Mindfulness Coach - 2019 certification 
  5. Mental Health Awareness Advocate


I can assist you in accomplishing your life goals. I can help you in getting what you desire. The cards only show you what is possible. No future is set into stone. You make your life what you want it to be. It is time to empower yourself and become the person you have always wanted to be. Manifest the best!
I can also make contact with your spiritual guides and give you messages from them in how you can do better and succeed. 
If you are looking for honest answers to your questions in life, and you value the perspective of someone who can "see under the veil", then please don't hesitate to contact me. I will guide you to your own self-awareness and empower you to attain everlasting happiness. 










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