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Types super duper fast! gave some predictions...good ones! I cant wait for it to happen! God bless
Sep 20 2013

Wanted an update, still on track! cant wait for the predictions to come to pass! thank you David!
Dec 30 2013

You share with me things which no one else but only me could know. Your insight was correct
Jun 09 2014

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Psychic advisor with over 25 years experience. I can help you overcome the difficulties and find your way to the love you really want.

About Me

For the past twenty year I have worked as a professional Clairvoyant, even reading for the rich and famous. I am passionate about helping those in need through my readings and I will guide you to discover your true path and the happiness you deserve.

I provide readings that are non-judgmental, direct and always to the point. My aim is to assist you to navigate your life path towards happiness, clarity and direction in all areas of your life.

Please note that I do not offer legal opinions or readings relating to the sex of unborn babies. I also will never sell you cleansings or spells to help rid you of 'negative spirits' as I believe these statements to be false and only serve to incite fear and vulnerability.

I am an experienced natural Clairvoyant and specialize in the following areas:
- Astrology
- Tarot 
- Runes
- Ogham
- Kabbalah

I welcome the opportunity to assist you in finding your true path.


2nd Degree Alexandrian Witchcraft- Member of B.A.P.S
Over 20 years experience
over 20.000 Readings done 
Advisor on Radio

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