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Divine Love Medium

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Jul 18 2014

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❤30 years experience as a Professional Psychic Medium . ❤ Direct Chanel Warm Honest Readings the Truth.

About Me


I have been reading people and energies since I was 7 I Have 38 years Experience both Spiritually and also in Global Coaching.

I am Spiritually Gifted. I have been helping others professionally as a Spiritual Life Coach and Life Coach – Business and Life. As soon as I was aware what I could tap into as a child I was typically scared of the unknown. Learning to master these gifts has helped thousands all around the Globe.

I will assist you with general life questions. I am direct and to the point; don’t be shocked, I do not beat around the bush., nor do I sugarcoat!

DISCLAIMER: For entertainment purposes, the client receiving the psychic reading must be 21 years of age or older. The client is responsible for all of their own choices and or actions. These services are not to be used in place of any professional medical, financial or legal counseling that you would ordinarily seek professional advice.

Please kindly leave feedback after your session keeping in mind I am only the messenger and remember nothing is 100% certain in life, free will does exist.

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