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Thank you, Lady Pheonix. You described the situation well. A person in authority wanted to help but he was indecisive. I hope this time it will work out as you said in the time frame you gave. Then I will return with the good news. Blessings!! :)
Sep 23 2018

Love you Phoenix <3 Personal growth is as important as love. You've shown me how I can improve my life and my outlook. Give great advice and have me take a look at myself. I'm very thankful for your gift and wisdom :)
Mar 02 2020

Well, needed fairly specific questions for the reading but I only had a general one regarding the future of a relationship, so the session did not quite kick off. She tried to be helpful. Thanks, anyway.
Sep 26 2017

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I like to use art of Astrology and Card reading to help you to grasp the moment, serendipity, auspicious time to be in tune with cosmic rhythm and natural well being

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