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Thank you, Lady Pheonix. You described the situation well. A person in authority wanted to help but he was indecisive. I hope this time it will work out as you said in the time frame you gave. Then I will return with the good news. Blessings!! :)
Sep 23 2018

Well, needed fairly specific questions for the reading but I only had a general one regarding the future of a relationship, so the session did not quite kick off. She tried to be helpful. Thanks, anyway.
Sep 26 2017

Thank you sure will think of ways to avoid things that I can control and not let my emotions control my actions. Nice talking with you, very fast and direct.
Feb 08 2019

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I like to use art of Astrology and Card reading to help you to grasp the moment, serendipity, auspicious time to be in tune with cosmic rhythm and natural well being

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I am gifted psychic. I see this as my life purpose and calling. I use Astrology and Card reading to help you to find the best possible path in any life situation or find a way to clear energy that might hold you back in life. I can offer powerful insights to any questions you may have concerning love and relationships, career matters, family, or anything else that may come to mind. At different times in our life we may come across confusion and it can help you to bring more clarity and create causes and conditions for happier and more meaningful life.

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