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Ran out of funds but she was very detailed and quite accurate about the backstory of events that have happened and my POI's personality, Would come back for advices!
Nov 21 2018

Lily told me things months before they happened, details i hadnt asked about or planned on doing, but as they came to pass i realized it was just as she had said!
Aug 07 2019

Thank u for the reading I felt she was sincere and honest and did connect with my issue I wil read again with her another day ty
Nov 05 2018

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Leading Tarot, Spiritual & Occult Adviser, Traditional Haegtes (Hedge Witch). Authentic reader, appearances throughout UK, offering insightful readings on all topics.

About Me

I offer Tarot readings, witchcraft/spell advice and guided meditations.

My readings are always honest and truthful, I don’t hide negatives and obstacles from people, but I also then look to the cards to help you find a solution to your issues and provide advice on dealing with them.

I have been an Augur for over 15 years. This is a traditional form of divination using patterns, pictures, symbols, and the natural world.

I have worked independently, for television and radio, and as well as doing readings I also teach and train new readers.

As well as doing shorter creative pieces I write pagan, paranormal and witchcraft related articles for various sites magazines and e-zines, and have two books "Witchery" and "Quick & Easy Tarot" out now. I have released various guided meditation aimed at helping people with a variety of "shamanic" techniques.

I am also a qualified Holistic Therapist & Reiki Master, holding Massage qualifications as well as an aromatherapy diploma.

You may catch me at any number of events doing talks and workshops of meditation, spirit guides, divination techniques, Paganism and Witchcraft. You can also learn more about me from my website Hedge-Witchery.

Email Readings: I do simple 1 card answers for $1.99 , longer reading are basically $1 per card extra. I recommend 1 card for quick simple answer, 3 for a brief over view, 5 to 10 for a 6 month look, and 15 for an in-depth year ahead look.

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