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Very accurate, loving and positive! I definitely recommend her and will chat with her again soon! <3
Jun 07 2017

Very acurrate and honest! Thank you so much for the reading, and I'll be back soon for another. :)
Jul 03 2017

Thank you for the guidance and the adviser. I know what to do now.
Jun 12 2017

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I am a psychic and intuitive reader.

About Me

My name is love resolution. If you are looking for truth then you should not look any more. You have found the right person to help you with questions regarding LOVE, RELATIONSHIPS, MARRIAGE, MONEY, and BUSINESS. 

I LOVE to use tarot in my readings as I get clear messages. I am very direct, caring and compassionate in my reading. i do not sugar coat my messages to you. i believe that in order for you to make the right decisions and choices, you need to have the right information. I would love to offer you some input into  that. My life path to date has been a very interesting one. I have lived around the world and met many peopole and got to learn their culture. In oder to offer to understand someones behavior, you really need to know where they are coming from. Again, a very important aspect of helping people.By understanding the culthe, we dont judge peopole, we simply have a better understanding why they are acting the way they are. You have found me for a reason, let me show you why!!

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