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Ty for the honest straight forward insight and guidance on my relationship. You also saw another potential interest that I didn't know about but is someone I am aquatinted with. How you knew that is simply incredible! I will be coming back to you!
Oct 12 2017

I really can't say enough good things about Mama Roberts. Yes, her psychic and spiritual gifts are strong. But, what is most amazing about her is she has a way of bringing out your own natural intuition so you can find the answer for yourself!
Feb 25 2018

Amazing! Mama Roberts didn't as for and information but shared with me her reading fast and accurate! I can feel her strong connection with the spirit which is beautiful! Will definitely come back wish what you see in the future comes true!
Feb 10 2019

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I have 30+ years experience.Ive had this gift from age 3 I don’t use aids.I don't need them. I am an empath & interpret dreams. I am a 4th generation naturally born psychic.

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I am a 4th genration naturally born psychic and have over 30 years experience. I have done home readings and worked for two other websites with the result of being a top advsor/expert. I don't use tools. I only need your questions not D.O.B. or other information many ask for. I interpret dreams and am an empath, claraudiant, clarvoyant, and clarscentient. If I become quiet it is because I am hearing or seeing something spirit is showing or telling me for you. I do not give general readings and will not engage in 'test the psychic games' It is my greatest wish to bless as many people as I can before I leave this world. When you come to me for a private chat you are agreeing that you are 18 years of age or older and that services agreed to are subject to your own interpretaton or preceptions.

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