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She’s amazing .. I play tricky then amazingly she’s right :) .. thank you ... was spending long time with her ...worth it .. cheers
May 26 2018

wow! I ask her about my relationship and she know right after off that the guy was in a different city. the real deal
Aug 21 2018

Very thoughtful. Passionate. Like a kind old friend. Or sister.. who is looking out for you!!
Jul 27 2017

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Love & Relationship specialist. No sugar coat. Get clarity in your life. Natural healer. Accurate, quick, honest, empath. English & Spanish.

About Me

Attentive all the time for serving you... Let me do my best!!! Love & relationship specialist, natural healer, tarotist. Angel & Archangel tarot & Oracle.
Located in Mexico 🇲🇽 
🌟Starsign: Sagittarius ♐
🔮 My Style:
I am a Tarotist and natural healer about 15 years now. I begin in this field since I was very young and I started later giving consults. I really love what I do and I am here to give you clarity on all your doubts and do the best I could to find a solution on your needs. I am empath, direct, good listener and right to the point.
🔮 My Services:
🃏 Tarot of different kinds (Angel, Archangel, Celtic & Love) to reach up all your doubts and find what really matters for you. 
😇 Talking to Heaven Oracle - contact to those that are not more with us 
🌸 🌻 🌷 Bach flower therapy & Natural healer 🌿
💖 Love specialist
👩‍💼 Career 
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Family
🎋 Spiritual path  
🔮  Magic 
⭐ Astrology and more…
💼 My work experience:
I have been serving people from all over the world several years now as a professional Tarotist and healer. I also have developed as an advisor and life coach.
I have been working in several web sites as psychic where I had the great opportunity to contact with so many interesting and lovely people.
🔮 My motto:
“If you are the center of your life all will begin right up there, the only thing you should do is to feel that deep in your heart…”
🔮 About me:
Since I was very young I felt the curiosity to approach everything with magic and the esoteric world, I read a lot more than I could practice at first because I feared the unknown; over time I realized that everything is done thinking spiritual well-being and support our fellow is renewed in love and wisdom. 
I am proudly Mexican living now in the Yucatan; a place full of magic and charm with a great mysticism and ancient Maya knowledge; living here has been a huge enrichment as well as also being in direct coexistence with nature and how it inspires us, respecting, and valuing, learning at a glance what often goes unnoticed.
I am very grateful with life and God 🔱 to let me approach to you and do the best I could to serve you seeing things from a different perspective and solve them to find peace and hope in life.
I am ready to do my best!

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