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She’s amazing .. I play tricky then amazingly she’s right :) .. thank you ... was spending long time with her ...worth it .. cheers
May 26 2018

wow! I ask her about my relationship and she know right after off that the guy was in a different city. the real deal
Aug 21 2018

Very thoughtful. Passionate. Like a kind old friend. Or sister.. who is looking out for you!!
Jul 27 2017

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Love & Relationship specialist & Natural healer. No sugar coat & clarity to your questions. Accurate, quick, honest, empath. English & Spanish.

About Me

Attentive all the time for serving you... Let me do my best!!! Love & relationship specialist, natural healer, tarotist. Angel & Archangel tarot & Oracle.
Located in Mexico 🇲🇽 
🌟Starsign: Sagittarius ♐
🔮 My Style:
I am a Tarotist and natural healer for 15+ years now. I started in this field since I was very young. I really love what I do and I am here to give you clarity in all what you need. We could find a solution for all your needs. I am empath, direct, good listener and right to the point.
🔮 My Services:
🃏 Tarot of different kinds (Angel, Archangel, Celtic & Love) to reach up all your doubts and find what really matters for you. 
😇 Talking to Heaven Oracle - contact to those that are not more with us 
🌸 🌻 🌷 Bach flower therapy & Natural healer 🌿
💖 Love specialist
👩‍💼 Career 
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Family
🎋 Spiritual path  
🔮  Magic 
⭐ Astrology and more…
💼 My work experience:
I have been serving people from all over the world several years now as a professional Tarotist and healer. I also have developed as an advisor and life coach.
I have been working in several web sites as psychic where I had the great opportunity to contact with so many interesting and lovely people.
🔮 My motto:
“If you are the center of your life all will begin right up there, the only thing you should do is to feel that deep in your heart…”
🔮 About me:
More than 15 years of experience serving people around the world.
Since I was very young I was attracted by topics related to magic and esoteric world. I was very lucky to be close to the great masters in different places because I could acquire valuable knowledge in enigmatic,  mysterious, magic themes, spiritual formation and inside personal growth. I could also develop my skills in different subjects. Support, spiritual peace and welfare of others encouraged me for several years to find that mystical connection with my brothers, sisters and people who need me. I believe  someone gets everything related with love and wisdom in return
I live in Mexico, a place full of magic and charm, surrounded by Mayan mysticism. Living here has been enriching in all aspects of my life, the contact with nature helped me to respect and value my learning beyond the immediate.
I am very grateful with life and God 🔱 to let me approach to you and do the best I could to serve you seeing things from a different perspective and solve them to find peace and hope in life.
I am ready to do my best!

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