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I feel it was a very accurate read. Time frame for prediction matches what others have said and he gave me it without me asking. Caring and compasionate. Really got a good read on the person in question
May 29 2018

Thanks so much :) you connected very fast, I will be back soon to see what else you pick up around my situaton but i will stay positive and thanks for helping me , i feel calmer now!
Jun 02 2014

Spoke a few times to him.His predictions came true way before the given timeline. Straightforward and gave me a piece of mind when i was being impatient. I do trust what he says!
Dec 16 2018

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Psychic reading to make you visible of things which are in your mind. Contact to know the telepathic connection with your soulmate and your future.

About Me

I can guide you during deep meditation. I use several methods and will use what is best for you.

Certified Life Coach, Master Certified, Masters Visual Arts/Specialist Photography, Holistic Healing (Certified Reflexogist),Master Tarot, Natural Born Psychic.



You've come to the right place. I use CLAIRVOYANCE (clear seeing), CLAIRCOGNITION (clear knowing), and CLAIRSENTIENCE (empathy). I use crystals (sentient beings) to for intuitive clarity and to focus healing energies. I inherited my psychic abilities from both the sides of my family. 

I received my first initiations in the Tradition of Dianic Wicca and Faery Shamansim. I was attuned to the symbols of Reiki ( I am now a Grand Master ) and more recently Angel healing through IET (Integreated Energy Therapy). I have ready access to the guidance you seek. I ONLY WORK WITH ENERGIES THE ANGELS ALLOW, i.e: your highest intentioned guides, ascended beings and light bearers.


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