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You are amazing, honest and straight forward. Am sorry I ran out of funds today am hoping to catch up and talk alot more tomorrow. Effy is amazing she gives dates and time frames that actually come true. It is scary good.
Jan 19 2020

Omg thats all I have to say is omg. Super accurate, accurate is not even the word she is on point. Am excited to have more readings she knows what's happening already. And she guides you how to take on the situations.
Dec 08 2019

Some months back, Effie told me something that none of the psychics here did and it turned out to be true. I wished I had spent more time with Effy to discover the truth. Now I trust her with all my heart.
Jul 06 2019

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Greetings! I am Effy - empathic, psychic, spiritual. I specialise in relationship readings. Heartache is washed away with my unique approach. My readings are empowering!

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I specialise in love and relationship readings, helping people find clarity in their romantic lives. I can help with astrological compatibility in business and friendships. I have over five years of experience reading tarot cards and giving psychic readings. I use the Rider Waite deck as well as listening to my guides to make a connection with my client. I am both the daughter and granddaughter of Irish mystics. Growing up with spirit all around me, I became aware of my gifts at an early age. I trained in spiritual churches throughout the UK and Ireland, sitting in on development circles with the late Colin Fry.




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