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AMAZING! He types a whole paragraph in like 10 seconds... Address your question and tell you exactly why he says what he says based on the card showing, so you can read more about that card yourself. If not the best, definately one of the BEST here
Dec 14 2018

Thanks, sorry for rushed reading today..Thanks for positive details and good indications for a positive outcome... I will come back when i can purchase more time, take care and thanks for picking up information so fast, you tapped in very quickly.
Mar 17 2014

James is fast and really good at explaining the cards he pulled out. Really strong reading and was able to give clear guidance on the situation. I really like his reading as he also focused on personal growth. Definitely recommend him. Thank you !
Nov 24 2018

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I have over 15-years of experience. I pull from many different traditions to gain insights for clients and specialize in Tarot.

About Me

PRACTICAL NOTE ABOUT READINGS: I recently received a 2-star rating with someone saying that I am a slow typist.  I want to address that for my clients.

I recently verified my typing speed with another conpany and my typing speed is 65+ words per minute. I say 65+, because typing speed is not a verifiable science and I am sure there are times when I am not typing at 70-75 words per min. This is a typing speed that is FAR above average.

Secondly, they said that I answered with paragraphs. I would recommend anyone interested in getting a reading to look at the other feedbacks on my provile. I give a lot of detail in my readings.  Not every question about personalities of others are relationships are single word messages.  People and relationships are far more nuanced than that.  I send single thoughts in each message. What I mean is that I normally finish a thought before I hit send, rather than sending very short messages and separating the different answers and thought processes. For example, in the Tarot a sigle card or a pair of cards may provide a single message for a client. I will type 2-4 sentences for that "single thought" and then move on to the next card(s).  If you look through my other feedbacks you will see that I have several people that leave appreciative feedback regarding the amount of information I provide in a reading.  My readings are more detailed and if you are looking for a one minute reading I may not be the right advisor for you. If you are looking for specific details about your situation and want to gain understanding about the nuance of a situation, then I would be glad to serve you.

Energy & Coaching: I specialize in many types of energy healing including Reiki healing, psychic healing, aura and chakra balancing, removing psychic debris, anxiety and stress relief, and past life healing. I am a Master in four different Reiki traditions including Usui Reiki Ryoho, Vedic Karuna Reiki, Kagami Reiki, and Egyptian Seichim Reiki.

Along with energy healing, I act as a cosmic coach for individuals. Working with intuition, empathy, angels, and guides to help each client discover his or her true destiny. A significant amount of my work is with the archetypal energies represented by the archangels. I use the term "archetypal" because although they can and are represented by personality, they are also represented as vibrational energy that is beyond culture and religion.

In readings, I pull from each technique along with using the archetypes within the Tarot system to bring insight and understanding for my clients.

Reading Qualifications:

Tarot & Intuition Qualifications & Certifications
For several years I have been reading the Tarot.  I also teach on the subject of Tarot, training others how to gain insight and understanding using the archetypes of this ancient mystical tradition.  I am a Certified Tarotist and also a Certified Spirit Guide Coach.
New Thought Certifications & Recognitions
Ordained New Thought Christian Minister since 2007.  I also have a certification in "New Thought" Metaphysical Healing Affirmations.
Reiki, Energy, & Angel Healing Qualifications
Along with intuitive readings, I also work in the field of angel healing, metaphysical, spiritual, and energy healing.  I am a Certified Angel Healer, Certified Spiritual Counselor, & Certified Energy Healer.

Other Types of Readings
Email readings are $29.94 for a complete spread and $9.99 for a return question.

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