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Psychic Reader Peter

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Peter predicted to me to be ready for a dropped off in communication again with my partner. Again he was right because It’s Happening right now. He told me not to give up because there’s light At the end of the tunnel. I will be back for an update
Aug 06 2020

Peter picks up very fast on any situation. After you start a session with him he says not to say anymore since he already knows. He even knows when I come in for a chat. Thank you so much for clarifying things for me on many levels. Talk very soon.
Jun 20 2020

I am back with an update after 8 months of waiting. Yeah 8 months because Peter told me it was going to take several months. I am glad I did not give up as because right now things are working out and this is just the beginning as Peter predicted .
Mar 08 2021

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Peter Sousa is a Psychic, Tele-Empath, Clairvoyant, and “Remote-Viewer” NO TOOLS -✨Recently Featured on FOX, NBC, and CBS

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Recently Featured on FOX, NBC, and CBS 
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Recently Featured on FOX, NBC, and CBS


Psychic Reader Peter

I am a 42 year old Psychic, Clairvoyant, and "Remote-Viewer." I hold over 25 years of experience in spell-work, readings and energy clearing. My mother was the late Dr. Julie Sousa, a famous psychic medium.. So, you could say my expertise falls a little over the 25 something year line. I am exceptionally skilled in assisting romantic puzzles and economic problems.

My Readings
I can SEE & FEEL deeply within an individual's emotions or circumstances. I am able to tell with astonishing accuracy the past, present, and future motives and methods to take. Please be prepared to take in the information delivered quickly. 
I do not use tools, nor do I need them. In situations I may roll out my very charged tarot deck to simply reiterate my viewing or to connect to the spiritual realm. 
I am tremendously accurate and a huge success rate. Though, I am not an all-knowing God. I am simply human myself. There are times where I may be missing the target by a small margin. Though, sometimes, a client may feel that my reading is “off” only to come back astonished that things did in fact ring true. So, always be open to the unexpected as well. 
Years of Education and Experiences 
Metaphysical Science B.A. UOM Sedona AZ 
3rd Degree “New Enchantment” Wiccan  
Doctor of Alternative Medicines IBAM-IN 
Cosmetology Operator Diploma - Licensed for Ayurveda Practice 
Certified Reiki Teacher and Master - Reiki Master and Instructor - Aimee Phlegar 
Certificate in Medical Intuition - Linda Rauch 
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine Advanced Diploma - by Dr. Omar Abed 
Certified in Dream Interpretation - Instructed by Rhonda Sesir 
 Meditation Instructor Certification - The Priority Academy 
 Health And Wellness Coach - Felix Harder 
 Crystal healing Practitioner - Academy of Ancient Magick 
Current : TFU - Working PhD in Parapsychology  

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