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Celine is very honest strait forward and very compassionate i will be back to her defiantly she helped me in my situation just as a advisor but like a friend she's very sweet give her a go! Shes amazing the insight was was very accurate
Sep 02 2014

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Miss Celine White catering to all aspects of life. Experienced reader working with only my love angels and Goddesses to unveil and decode your past,present & future. ☪

About Me

♥Psychic Celine here. Fate has lead you to me so I may mend your broken soul. Have any questions or concerns? I Can give you answers. Need some clarity? I can give you that. I am looking not only to be your advisor but long life friend. My love Goddesses and I have walked through all realms of life and my ability only gets stronger each day because I work with the most highest power of positive light. I am very thankful towards my love godesses and angels for blessing me with this ability. And because of this blessing I set out to help others in need. ♥
♥My Services include: Love readings,past,present & future readings,energy readings,reiki/meditation/,oracle readings,tarot spreads,spellcasting. ♥

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