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Purushottam Upmanyu

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Thank you so much for the reading and are very accurate about his behavior and what’s happening. Sorry ran out of funds but good reading. I pray it’s so
Sep 26 2017

Got cut off, continued a great reading! Accurate, detailed, and good things to look forward to.
Jul 02 2017

Very quick response, clear and to the point. I will absolutely be coming back f
Jun 20 2017

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Relationship, Love, Marriage, Career, Finance ****** ALL YOUR ANSWERS JUST A CLICK AWAY ****** Psychic, Astrologer, Numerologist, Spiritual guide, Predictions with TIME FRAME.

About Me

***** World Renowned Psychic, Astrologer, Palmist, Numerologist, Face 
Reader, Vastu expert and Spiritual Guide.***** 
***** Born Fortune teller with God gifted Powers. My Predictions are 
very Accurate and Remedies are very Power full and Effective.***** 
***** A natural Born Psychic, Astrologer, Palmist, Face Reader, 
Numerologist, Vastu expert and Spiritual Guide from India.***** 
***** I made my first prediction at the age of 5. I got encouraged 
and started developing the psychic abilities, learning Astrology, 
Spiritual science, Palmistry, Numerology and Face Reading.***** 
***** I started my professional Psychic and astrological career at 
the very young age and in the past 33 years has helped innumerable 
people attain happiness and prosperity through his accurate Psychic 
readings and Astrological Advice, Remedies and Spiritual Guidance.***** 
***** More than 30 years of experience.***** 
***** I am the Psychic and astrological adviser to many business 
tycoons, politicians and film stars.***** 
***** Has been actively involved in social and political activities 
since childhood. Have registered NGO Vishwa Kalyan Charitable Trust 
aims to raise funds and use them for charitable causes like providing 
education to the underprivileged, orphans and children with special 
***** Internationally acclaimed and has satisfied clients worldwide.***** 
***** Expert in accurate prediction based on psychic readings 
and Vedic Astrology. Analyses the birth chart with holistic view 
and ensures the predictions are accurate and delivered in simple and 
apprehensive language.***** 
***** I believes to Vedic Worshiping remedies in the solutions of any 
such problems.***** 
***** I can help you to get a good understanding of the ups and downs in your life. I will guide you on when you should act and when you should wait. I will also provide you insight on your relationships and why things happen in your life. 
***** Precise predictions.***** 
***** High reliability.***** 
***** Effective solutions.***** 
***** complete analysis of life.***** 
***** All predictions kept confidential.***** 
***** Complete Client Satisfaction.***** 
***** Pocket friendly rates.***** 
***** Practical And confidential solutions.***** 
***** Highly effective results.***** 
***** Customer centric approach.***** 
***** Complete confidentiality.***** 
**************************************************** Expertises **********************************************************
* Psychic readings * 
* Astrology * 
* Numerology * 
* Face reading * 
* Palmistry * 
* Vastu * 
* Remedial * 
********************************************** Specialities ************************************************** 
* Love * 
* Relationship * 
* Compatibilty * 
* Breakups * 
* Marriage * 
* Pregnancy * 
* Kids * 
* Divorce * 
* Career * 
* Job * 
* Finance * 
* Business * 
* Travel * 
* Health * 
* Wealth * 
* Legal matters * 
* Property * 
* Buy and sell * 
* Lost and found * 
* Life prediction * 
* Lucky stones *

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