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Skarlet you always been so amazing and gives me great advises.. I love your motherly nature towards me and I really do appreciate how caring you are and always check on me. Thank you so much. I really mean it from my heart. You are an angel XOXO
Nov 03 2020

Roses are red
Thank you, Skarlet you are amazing, my heart cant explain how much you have helped me. When I read back from the start to finish you have helped me so much for so long! youre a beautiful person, and so incredible at what you do! Lots of Love
Jun 03 2020

Roses are red
ahh well what do I even say, I hate it when the chat ends cause I could just talk to Skarlet for hours,if it werent for her I dont know where myemotional state would be, she is truly and gifted amazing person and I am ever so grateful :)
Aug 12 2019

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4th Generation Natural/Born International, European Psychic, Empath, Clairvoyant, 40+ Yrs. Exp. Specialty: Love, Romance and Relationships

About Me

I'm a 4th Generation European natural/born psychic.  My gifts appeared in childhood and I've been practicing professionally and helping others for over 40 yrs.

My specialty is love and relationships.  I feel and read the hearts and minds of others, giving you insight into what they're thinking, feeling.. what they are planning on doing today and in the future. Naturally, I will tell you all that I feel and see, no matter which way the situation is heading.

After that, if you're having concerns, issues or problems with any relationship, I can intuitively access info and advice for you to better your relationship.  Please ask me for this though, since I don't offer advice without your request.

I can also help you with other areas and concerns in your life.

But instead of going on and on about myself, here's a recent feedback from a client...


Hi Skarlet,

This is bit long, but mostly it’s about how you helped me and what drew me to you. Honestly the way you use analogies really helped me to see the situation. And you were right about how he’s been behaving and I appreciated your honesty.

I spent some time reading back over the posts in the forum I found you in last night, and I have to say you are such a lovely person. I really love your philosophy on reader responsibilities – about how even though it says for entertainment purposes, you know people are bringing you their real concerns and hearts, and that’s what put you on my radar. I’d even recommend putting that in your description somehow—that and how bad news is delivered as gently as possible and that most of all you love seeing couples end up happily together.

Those things really showed me what you bring as a person to the reader table—it’s not just about abilities I feel but presentation as well. Of course some people may prefer the psychiatrist-esque approach, here is your Rx and be on your way, but you have so much more to offer than that :)

Regardless of your accuracy which was clear (hehe!) part of what I really liked about you is your compassion and caring somehow comes through in how you read – and I’ve sampled enough styles to know!

Thank you and blessings!!


And some more reviews from previous clients... (including original typos)

"All I can say is that she's is so amazing .... she pick up on everything you ask her ... I will call her again for sure .... love her."

"Holy cow!  She blew me away! Awesome and insightful - ty!"

"Incredible Insight!!!  She had a wealth of information and was so truthful about everything in this situation.  Very gifted.  It was obvious instantly.  She doesn't give just what's happening but tips on changing things to better things.  Helpful!  Thank you again."

" So far everything and then some has come to pass."

"I enjoyed my reading today with Skarlet!   She delivered exactly what I asked!  She described visions in detail for future events that would take place.  She picked up on ALL the concerns & insecurities that I was havingg regarding the relationship. I loved the example She used to help me understand communication difficulties!  Thank You!  You've helped more than you know!  Call her she is absolutely amazing!"

"She really had information that she could not have known and that was impressive. She was professional and courteous as well as being kind and supportive in a situation that is pretty grim.  Thank you!"

"what a sweetheart,,got everything on target,,,loved her,,she the sweetest,,loving most advisor,,she cares,,thanks,,bless you"

"She is the best advisor I have ever had!"

"Skarlet, you are truly a jewel!!!!!"


SCHEDULE/AVAILABILITY:  I will not be available today, Monday, January 18th, 2021.  I'll be back tomorrow, and you can usually find me Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays from 6:00 p.m. until approximately 8:00 p.m., Eastern Time, U.S.A., and most Saturday evenings, starting around 8:00 p.m., Eastern Time, U.S.A.  Looking forward to chatting with you!


DISCLAIMER:  For entertainment purposes only.  Must be 18 years of age or older.  The client is responsible for all of their own choices and or actions.  These services are not to be used in place of any professional, medical, financial or legal counseling.



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