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She was really good to begin with but when I mentioned my relationship was cross culture she changed her tune giving personal opinions.
Aug 09 2017

YES! definitely a great reading with lots of details and accuracy. Great advice and good things to look forward to!
Aug 05 2017

love readings with her! always great, and always accurate. hope predictions come true
Nov 03 2017

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TEMPORARY PRICE DROP! My tarot cards have been my constant guide for 30 years, let me guide you. We can talk about nearly any subject.

About Me

Hello! I’m Steffani Rhea. We all have doubts about life and love. Let my talents help you through yours. I am a natural psychic and witch, born in a family full of psychics and mediums. My tarot cards have been my constant guide for 30 years, I consult them before I make any major decision. I have done readings for pay and goodwill since my teens, and my accuracy is something I am proud of. My deep knowledge and love of astrology was learned at my grandmothers knee. When my peers and I were learning math and science, I was also drawing natal charts from home for everyone I was interested in, as a way to get to know them deeply. I have facilitated many relationships based on astrological compatibility, helped many couple with "astrological counseling" to add a new layer of understanding in communication. I think there is a match out there for every single person, and no relationship is impossible! I love LOVE. I want you to experience all the richness life has to offer. I have been married for over 20 years, raised 6 amazing kids. I can help you find love, keep love. From getting a new promotion, to "getting the guy/girl" together we can shape your future as you see it. Tell me anything, I can’t be shocked. You will never be judged. LGBTQ friendly, I love you all.

My readings generally take about 10 minutes to complete.  Please prepare accordingly.  Thank you!


If the chat doesn't connect, we may be having connection issues.  Try me on if I miss you here. 


"Never put your faith in a Prince. When you require a miracle, trust in a Witch.”
-Catherynne M. Valente, In the Night Garden

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