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very kind n compassionate
Aug 18 2016

very kind n compassionate
Aug 18 2016

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Authentic Jamaican psychic/healer and lifecoach with a passion for helping others with clear honest and accurate reading and counselling with the Rider Waite deck and I- Ching

About Me

Im a Reiki Master Teacher with a background in Counseling - a Body Psychotherapist. I’m also a trained aesthetician and traditional herbalist. A descendant  from the lineage of the Cockpit Country Maroons, the first set of Enslaved Africans to free themselves from slavery using magic and forming the first Republic in the New World. I do a unique combination of the Tarot and I-Ching to help people solve/answer numerous issues. I do spiritual alters and baths to clear negative energies and influence or alter circumstances faced by my clients in their favor. This is a gift from my Maroon ancestors, amplified by my Reiki Initiation. I believe in the holistic approach to counseling and healing of which divination is a part.

I started this path not intentionally as I was trained in the field of business management and had my plans set on being a success in co-operate business, but was brought to this point after numerous tragic incidents including near death experiences and utter disaster in my business and money affairs back in '97. I was initiated Reiki 1 in '99 and the journey began. 
I began working as a professional healer fulltime in 2003 after my Aesthetician training, by then I was a Master and had been taking advanced bodywork with my Master, Dr. Judith Baptist as I apprenticed as Master/Teacher under her watch. The study of traditional herbal healing is on going and is a great part of my work, both for internal and external cleansing and healing of my clients. I am author of the book ‘Reiki for Self-Realization: Awakening the Power to Manifest’ and teach Reiki Online.

I have my own company offering these services in Jamaica and work with locals as well as tourists to the island. In a continued effort to improve as a holistic healer I was recently certified as a Life-Coach. By my clients reference my readings are at the least between 85 to 95 percent accurate. I have repeat clients who have used my services from the inception of my business.

If you are looking for a compassionate, honest and detailed reading with one who could also counsel and coach you toward your success and self-empowerment, I am here for you. I will however not 'sugar-coat' the message from the Oracle...I will say it exactly as I see it! My rituals come directly from my Spirit Guides and are tailor made for each individual and situation.



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