Zoe Belanova

Zoe Belanova

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Punk Latina Psychic Entertainer/Occult Specialist trying to help you with your finances, career, and love life. I offer special spells and glamours to improve your life.

About Me

Punk Latina Psychic Entertainer/Occult Specialist. My specialities are seashell, dream interruption, tea leaf readings,margaritomancy (pearl readings), glamours and Lucid Dreaming.In addition, I am very knowledgeable in Greco-Roman witchcraft,sea magick, flower magic, nahualli (Aztec Magic),obeah,Demonology, and some gyspy magic. I only worked in the realm of sexuality, relationships, and love. I want help you become more sensual,sexual liberated, and more desirable. I can help women become femme fatales and men become smooth playboys.

Special beings that I know about to help you:

Xochiquetzal: Aztec goddess of sex and beauty
Bacchus/Dionysus: Greco-Roman god of wine and vine
Vepar: Mermaid Duchess of Hell 
Kianda: Angolan Mermaid Goddess
Qandisa: Moroccan Goddess of Carnal Desire…

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