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Amazing!! I have been speaking with her since March and she has always said the same thing to me and I was so sure what she said would not happen and I was so wrong. She was 100% right and it happened exactly like she said it would. She is the best!
Aug 14 2020

Lala Rustamli
She is incredible.. I hav never seen anything like this and never met anyone like her in my life..she has obviously a true gift and her readings are 1000%accurate.. I was simply shaking reading her messages.. Go for her with no doubt..
Dec 27 2019

Abby is so spectacular! I've waited for her for a long time as we kept missing each other but she was so so worth it! She is so fast, accurate and gives more detail than I could have hoped for. She is very very gifted!! Thank you Abby
Jun 16 2018

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Accurate Professional Spiritualist Psychic. Specialize in complicated relationships, career, family, money, .life after death, spirits, guides, healing,

About Me

Top quality reader! Experience the difference of a professional reading with a compassionate, ethi cal, realistic and down to earth psychic-intuitive empath. Accurate and trusted adviser A STANDOUT among readers: I provide truthful, detailed readings at affordable rates. I specialize in complicated relationships, but have experience with all areas. I can use tarot cards, my psychic ability and my guide to deliver the truth in a kind way. Over 15 years experience. I can connect with your guides and have experience with life after death and near death experiences. Let me help you find answers and solutions today. I only relay what I am able to pick up on, and if I don't receive the answer to a question, I have no problem saying so. I do not control what information comes through, I am only the messenger. I am highly accurate with OUTCOMES and generally get a lot of details.  If I am not shown the answer to something, there is probably a reason we are not supposed to know certain details in advance. I will share all details I see. My feedback is my reference. Please remember that I am a human. I am not a robot, nor am I a magic 8 ball. It is your responsibility to come prepared with enough time for the questions you have. I am a kind person and will not tolerate unkind or pushy behavior. I will always provide answers as quickly as possible and I will respect your chat time. I tend to be wordy at times as I try to relay all relevant details. I am a fast typer and many times have longer detailed answers, so if you are in a hurry, let me know head of time  I expect respect in return. Sorry that I have to add that statement.  I very much appreciate my clients <3 Stop in my chat today and see what messages the guides have for you and your situation.

*Please note: I do not do "general" readings or test questions and usually do not do mediumship work online. If you'd like to know why, send me a message. When you come into chat, it is best to have clear questions prepared in advance to get the most out of your reading. If you have any questions about the process, you may email me prior to the reading.  I look forward to helping you to get the answers you need! :)



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