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A unique and highly effective process of subliminal messaging. Implanting thoughts into someones unconscious mind while they are sleeping. Without interfering with free will we help make positive changes to someones life by:

removing fears, emotional trauma and stress. Releasing addicitive behavior patterns such as drugs or alcohol as well as opening up the person's mind to express themselves more clearly. This actively benefits the individual and we primarily use this for:

weight loss/gain

addiction removal

releasing trauma and emotional stress.

relationship healing.

Improvements often come straight away.

I do 3 sessions with the individual for one inclusive price.

success rates are about 80% of clients. and of that 75% have achieved the positive outcome desired within the first week or two depending on what is needed.


I need a picture of the person to be focused upon.

I need to know sleep/work pattern. i.e day or night plus time zone.

this is done by email and feedback through email too.

I do 3 sessions, one every 3 days in most cases.

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Energy Reader UK

Energy Reader UK

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this service has no return or refund policy as you are paying for the time involved in the work. no outcome is guaranteed but the (...)