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This sale is for a Psychic Reading using my own Ouija Board. I have had many experiences with this board including future predictions that did come true! The following story is true... My mother was playing with her Ouija back in 1965 with 4 friends when spirit came thru. It was of a woman that had been murdered by her husband and thrown in Elysian Park California. They were intrigued and kept asking more, the women said she wanted them to come there and talk to her so they said yes and proceeded to keep asking questions. My mother asked it 3 questions 1. Who will I marry? Answer; the board answered with 3 initials (j. s. p ) At the time she was engaged to a Warren. But less then a year later met and married my dad, J.S.P! 2. How many fathers do I have? The board answered 3, she asked names and it told her (Norman)(Luis)(devil) she was horrified at the time but kept asking it stuff. 3. When will I die? The board gave her a date of 2004 and said she would die alone. My mother passed away in April of 2004 somewhat alone if you can say it counts if we were not next to her bed at the time. The 5 of them proceeded to go to Elysian Park, California and see if this spirit would show itself, and she did. She walked across a path in the park and disappeared. They drove home in silence and all wrote their experience when they arrived. All but one of them saw the same image. My mother went into a trace state and my uncle had to hold her down till it passed, she was obsessed at getting back to that park. Think of questions about... CAREER CHILDREN PETS LOVE BUSINESS MONEY SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE Please send your Name (first) Questions

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Psychic Hekite

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