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Gypsy Wisdom



Now available in Paperback! Written by Cristina (AskCristina) and available world wide! (will ship within USA only, international shipping is $7.99) Cristina, reflects on her teenage years, when she was entrusted in the arts of fortunetelling by her grandmother Antolina and her grandmother's friend Estrella. These anecdotes lifted the book from what could have been a basic instruction manual to an escape into the Romany world. You travel through the instruction process with 14-year old Cristina, learning as she learns, and gaining the wisdom of the older gypsies with the same caveats and care. Gypsy Wisdom is a wonderful blend of factual information on gypsy lore and autobiographical memories of a true Romany. From this book you can learn the principles of tarot readings, recipes for potions and spells, healing remedies, meditation techniques and even how to make gypsy soap. Cristina extols the power of positive thought, self belief and holistic spiritualism, as well as expelling some of the myths around gypsies, such as the gypsy curse.

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