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Mahjong 13-tile full spread



 Mahjong is commonly known as a computer solitaire game, but it has also been used for many generations as a powerful divination tool. Indeed, I find it to be one of my most reliable forms, particularly useful when you are unsure of the question, but need guidance in a particular area of your life.

It's a fairly rare offering too, because there is only one (somewhat incomplete) text about the oracle - at least in English – and I don't read Chinese! I have done extra studying to gain further insight as to what the different symbols mean in Chinese mythology – in order to offer you a more complete product.

The mahjong spread is comprised of the four directions plus the center.

The Center tile, appropriately pinpoints the central issue or something at the heart of the matter.

The East talks about you and your personal influences on your situation.

The South gives likely events in your near future.

The West gives you problems to watch out for – along with a suggested solution.

The North gives you a couple of more factors plus the outcome of what your situation will be like approximately 1 year from now.

Whenever a Guardian card turns up (as in the illustration), it is an extra card which influences the replacement card. 

In my write-up to you, I will include a chart showing which cards were drawn, in which order, and what they mean for you at this time.

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