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Lenormand Celtic Cross



 Lenormand is a very powerful form of divination.

My deck was created by myself and features a Catholictheme. My cards have a wonderful energy which comes from my meditative creativity.

The Lenormand cards tend to have a stunning level of accuracy and a habit of finding the nature of the real issue behind the question. They will answer the question you need answered regardless of what question you give me.


A 11-card Celtic Cauldron spread will give you a good outlook about where your life is at the moment and where it is going. This spread is more traditional of Tarot, but has proven itself useful in Lenormand.


My write-up of the reading will be in the form of a .pdf file with images of the cards drawn, in order and what they mean for you at this time. I will be thorough in my report, though sometimes the cards say more than other times. After all, the Lenormand cards speak for themselves, I am only an interpreter.

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Ametrine Vox

Ametrine Vox

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If this reading does not resonate with you, please message me and I will redo the SAME spread for the SAME question once. In m (...)