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Absent healing is basically sending spiritual energy to someone by praying for them to get better according to their karmic pattern, and may also involve the chanting of mantra. It is important to always visualize the patient in good health when doing this, since this will enhance the healing process.

My healings are done through my heart and ther power of prayer and visulisation  . I use the power of a natrual waterfall in my meditations to cleanse before i start the healing process . You need to send me through an email with your full name so i can begin the healing a photo will help too this can be attached to the email you send through.Also i do the prayers and sending healing over a 7 day period and then reavaluate 

This i found also helps those that have addictions to drugs and alcohol. This helps them face reality but they do also need the medical help as they ween off them . I can help them with the spiritual side and the emotional side of weening off . 

Please follow up with your doctor for any medical issues  and please understand this is healing it is not a cure sao please get medical help if needed 


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