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For 10.00 You can send me a specific question that you have. I will use my tools (i.e cards, pendulum, numerology, astrology) to answer your question in an email reading. 

All I will need from you is your First name, Date of Birth, if you know the time of birth that would be great also if not that is ok as well.

If this question involves another person as well I will need the same information about that person as well.

There is no question that is silly or wrong. Everybody has some kind of question that they have on their mind that they would like answered. I am the most down to earth person, non-judmental, and very sincere about what I do.

I will also include pictures of your tarot spread for your own keeping to have for yourself.

Please make sure you include the email address you would like this reading sent to as well.

Thank you and Love and Light :)

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