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Lenormand 11-card enhanced



 Lenormand is a very powerful form of divination.

My deck was created by myself and features a Catholic theme. My cards have a wonderful energy which comes from my meditative creativity.

The Lenormand cards tend to have a stunning level of accuracy and a habit of finding the nature of the real issue behind the question. They will answer the question you need answered regardless of what question you give me.


The 11-card enhanced spread is original to me in order to get more information from the standard 5-card spread. I use the single cards, pairs readings and mirroring to get to the crux of the situation. I do not ask for your birthdate as this is not an astrological reading. All I need is a question from you... preferably an “open question” (one which cannot be simply answered with a single word), but the Lenormand has the ability to deal with almost any question.


My write-up of the reading will be in the form of a .pdf file with images of the cards drawn, in order and what they mean for you at this time. I will be thorough in my report, though sometimes the cards say more than other times. After all, the Lenormand cards speak for themselves, I am only an interpreter.

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Ametrine Vox

Ametrine Vox

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If this reading does not resonate with you, please message me and I will redo the SAME spread for the SAME question once. In m (...)